Engine starting procedure for Heavy Machinery.

Engine starting procedure for heavy machinery is quite different from cars but is much simpler. Before starting the engine, one should be authorized to operate those machines. The moving machine and its moving parts can cause death or serious injury.

Before starting, always make sure that there are no people in danger areas. He/she must read the operational manual of the heavy machinery before starting.

Checks before starting the engine and operate a machine.

1. Inspecting the machine

  • Ensure that there is no leak (engine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, coolant, fuel.)
  • Make sure there is no damage.
  • Inspect the surrounding area and ensure that there is no obstruction in the working range.
  • Confirm that all safety devices are in working condition.
  • Check that the fire extinguisher is in place and working (intact seal and date have not expired).

2. Check fluid levels (once in a day)

  • Check fuel level, fill if necessary.
  • Confirm engine oil level, fill first if necessary.

3. Check power supply

  • Turn on the battery main switch to power the starter motor and machine.
  • All emergency stops are inactive.

Now the machine is ready to start.

Engine starting procedure

  • Ensure that the above checks were done before starting heavy machinery.
ignition key for engine starting
Ignition Switch
  • Turn the ignition switch from 0 to 1. Keep the key in position 1 for some time. It takes some time to prepare an electronic system to start the engine.
  • When the machine is ready to start, turn the ignition key on position 2. Once the engine has started, let go of the ignition key to position 1 immediately.
  • If the engine does not start on turning the ignition key and crank only, hold it up to 10 to 20 seconds maximum. And wait at least 20 seconds to 1 minute for another cranking. A period of 1 minute is required to restore the battery charge, and also prolongs their service life.
  • The engine should slightly warm-up at idle rpm before full load.

Position P in the ignition key is for parking mode.

Engine stopping procedure

  • Before turning off the engine, bring the engine to idle rpm for about 1 minute.
  • Turn the ignition key from position 1 to position 0.

Now your engine is safely shut down. Repeat the above procedure to start heavy machinery again.

Who should not start-up or operate Heavy machinery.

  1. A person should not start an engine without knowledge of heavy machinery.
  2. A person should not operate a machine without the necessary qualifications for the machine.
  3. The operator must not use the machine outside the range or intend for use.
  4. Unauthorized person or learner without the presence of the operator.
  5. Physically unfit (visually and acoustically) person.

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