Flat Earth Theory: Facts and Belief

Flat earth theory is not a new concept. Although we read in science books from our childhood that the Earth is round, there is a community called flat earthers. They believe that the Earth is flat. In this article, we will try to understand their theory and see what science says about the Earth.

Flat Earth Theory

The earth is a flat circular disk with deep rock and mud for miles. It is stationary in one place and the sun, stars, and moon revolve around the earth.

At the center, all the continents and islands are vigorously arranged and the ocean separates those continents and islands. There is a huge wall of ice at the end of the ocean. And this is the edge of the earth.

The idea of a spherical Earth appeared in Greek philosophy with Pythagoras in 6th century BC. However, most pre-Socratics retain their flat-earth concept.

Flat earth theory
Flat earth theory

Flat Earthers

The flat Earthers are the member of flat earth society. This is an international organization. They believe that earth is a flat disk.

They claim so because walking on the plant’s surface looks and feels like flat. So, they consider all the proofs are just a trick such as a satellite’s picture of Earth as a sphere. They also think NASA and other government agencies created a “round earth conspiracy”.

The mission of the Flat Earth Society is to promote and initiate discussion of Flat Earth theory as well as archive Flat Earth literature.

The Flat Earther Society says on their website.

History Of Flat Earth Society

The Flat Earth Society was founded by Samuel Birley Rowbotham, an English inventor in the early 1800s. The views of the flat earth were based on Bible passages. The Flat Earth theory got popular in the United States, mostly in the city of Zion and Illinois. The founder of the Christian Catholic Apostolic Church, John Alexander Dowie and later Wilbur Glenn Voliva, promoted the Flat Earth theory.

The International Flat Earth Society was formally established in 1956 by Samuel Shenton. According to its official website, after the death of Samuel Shenton in 1971, Mr. Charles Jonson became president of the organization. He worked hard and within a few years, many believers joined the Flat Earth Society.

But, unfortunately in 1995, a fire destroyed Charles’ home as well as the libraries, archives and membership lists of the Flat Earth Society. Later, Charles’ health began to deteriorate. Sadly, he died in 2001 at the age of 76, leaving the future of the society uncertain.

Modern Flat Eart society

After the death of Mr. Charles, again it revived by Mr. Danial Shenton in 2004. Since 2009, its membership is open and many joined. Bobby Ray Simmons Jr., known as B.o.B, an American singer, also a member of the flat earth society.

Before the internet, it took almost 50 years to reach 3,500 members. But, now their web-based discussion forum gets 3,00,000 visitors per day, they have more than 2,20,000 followers on facebook and twitters. Thousands of videos on youtube with millions of views.

In conclusion, nowadays this society is increasing in popularity. Don’t know if people are serious or taking it as a joke but the truth is that they are now a big community.

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