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Before going to understand Hydraulics one must have some knowledge of Physics. Because, it will help for better understanding of basic concepts, how hydraulic works and where to use it. Read this article and after that you will be able to understand some basic physics & basic hydraulics. So, have fun.

Some basic physics which we need for basic hydraulics are
Mass, Force, Pressure, Work, Energy, Pressure Ratio, Force multiplication.

Mass:- The amount of matter present in an object is call mass.

Force:- It is the push or pull which can change or tends to change the state of rest or uniform motion of a body, change the shape of the body or change the direction of the motion.

Pressure:- It is force applying perpendicular to a surface per unit area on a body.

Work:- Work is said to done if force is applied on an object and it gets some displacement in the direction of force.

Energy:- Energy is the ability of doing work.

Now suppose your vehicle’s tyre gets flat. what do you do? Of course the first thing you try to find a jack. If you found a hydraulic jack it would be more easier for you to lift the vehicle and change your flatted tyre.

Fig. 1 Basic Hydraulic jack

Hydraulic Jack

In this simple Diagram you can see a small piston and a big piston. we apply a small force in small piston as in our hydraulic jack but it lift heavy load like car.

As we know pressure is equal to perpendicular force on a surface per unit area. i.e: P=F/A. means larger the area lesser the pressure or vice versa.

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