Facts about Mahatma Gandhi would be a very long article. But, we are trying to deliver some important facts. Most of you may be unaware of those facts. So let’s begin.

Facts About Mahatma Gandhi
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Facts about Mahatma Gandhi ‘s Family

(1) The Origin of Mahatma Gandhi’s family (Ancestors) is from Kutiyana village. It is in the Porbandar district in the Indian state of Gujarat. Before freedom It was in the state of Junagadh.

(2) As we know Mahatma Gandhi’s full name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. How many of you know his father’s full name? His full name was Karamchand Uttamchand Gandhi. It is very interesting to know that Mahatma Gandhi’s father had very little formal education. However, he was the Diwan of Porbandar, a princely state of India due to his knowledge and experiences learned from his father Uttamchand Gandhi.

(3) Grandfather of Mahatma Gandhi, Mr. Uttamchand Gandhi was also diwan of Porbandar. But after the death of the ruler of Porbandar, called Rana Khimojiraji he forced to go his ancestor’s village. when he appeared in front of Junagadh’s Nawab, he saluted him with his left hand instead of his right hand. After questioning, he answered that his right hand is pledged to Porbandar service.

(4) Mahatma Gandhi’s mother’s name is Putlibai Gandhi. She was the fourth wife of Karamchand Gandhi. All three died early. Gandhiji was 4 siblings, 3 brothers, and 1 sister. He was the youngest of all. He had also 2 step sisters.

(5) Mahatma Gandhi’s wife Kasturbai Makhanji Kapadia was elder than him. She was born on 11th April 1869 while Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2nd October 1869. He was just 13 years old when marrying. But he always opposes child marriage and fought against this evil practice.

Facts about Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi & Kasturba Gandhi
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(6) Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi had 5 sons. But the elder son died earlier after birth. All 4 sons also participate in the Indian independence movement along with their father and mother. Kasturba Gandhi was also an activist.

Facts about Mahatma Gandhi‘s Life.

(7) The title “Mahatma” first used by the great poet Rabindranath Tagore. He never wanted to say him Mahatma, which means “Great Soul”. People used to say, Gandhiji is a saint trying to be a politician. But Gandhiji said he is a politician trying to be a saint.

(8)The title “Father of the nation” first used by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. He addressed Gandhiji as Father of Nation at Singapore radio on 6 July 1944.

(9)In India, we celebrate 2nd October as the Gandhi Jayanti. Whereas the world celebrates this day as International non-violence day.

(10) Mahadev Desai an activist and writer was the personal secretary of Mahatma Gandhi.

(11) Gopal Krishna Gokhale was the mentor of Mahatma Gandhi. In 1912, Gokhale went to South Africa and invited Mahatma Gandhi for the Indian independence movement. Gandhiji wrote in his biography, Gopal Krishna Gokhale is the most perfect man in the political field.

Facts about Mahatma Gandhi
Gokhale with Gandhiji in Durban. (Image from Wikimedia)

(12) Mahatma Gandhi initially wanted to be a Doctor, but his parents wanted him to be a barrister. So that he can take his father’s position.

(13) Interestingly, Gandhiji had very bad hand-writing and his teachers worried because of that.

Facts About Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhiji’s Handwriting

(14) Mahatma Gandhi was the man of the year in Time Magzine 1930.

(15) One of the facts about Mahatma Gandhi is that he never won the Nobel Peace Prize. But, in 2006 after the 50 years of his death, the Nobel committee admitted the omission and regret that he had not been awarded. Whereas, Mahatma Gandhi nominated 5 times from 1937 to 1948. In 1948 he nominated for Nobel Peace prize just after his murder. But, at that time the Nobel prize was given to someone alive. Thus, the committee decided not to award that year’s peace prize to anyone stating that there were no “suitable living candidates” worthy of the award.

These were some ineresting facts about Mahatma Gandhi. Hope you enjoy this.

NOTE: FACTS FROM www.mkgandhi.org

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