Get all RPs back in PUBG Mobile Indian Version

Last updated: December 24, 2020

Get all your RPs back at PUBG Mobile India after the ban is repealed. Yes, you heard it right. You can get all your old Royal passes (RPs) and rewards back at PUBG Mobile India. You will be aware that PUBG Mobile is coming back with some changes in India.

Indian gamers are eager for the new PUBG Mobile India. They are excited to find out what changes have been done in the Indian version of PUBG and what will be new.

PUBG India has officially announced that they are coming back to India very soon. With this announcement, a lot of questions are arising among Indian gamers. In this article, you will find answers to all those questions.

When is “PUBG Mobile India” launching?

PUBG Mobile was officially banned for Indian users on 30th October. After 30th October, the user can neither update PUBG Mobile from PlayStore (or Appstore) nor from its official website. But after a few days of a complete ban, PUBG Corporation announced that they would soon be returning to India under the name “PUBG Mobile India”. PUBG Corporation has not announced the date yet, but according to experts, PUBG Mobile India will arrive by 14th December. PUBG Corporation is going to launch the Indian version of this game before Christmas.

Where to download PUBG Mobile India?

PUBG Mobile India is not currently available in Playstore and Appstore. According to the news, the game will be made available to Indian users in the Playstore and App Store by December. Currently, the pre-registration option is available on TapTap website.

Can I get all RPs back in the PUBG Mobile India version?

Yes. All data on the Tencent Games server has been retrieved by the PUBG Corporation and will be fed to the new server. This server is dedicated to Indian users only and will follow all the security guidelines of the Indian government. So, you don’t have to worry about your old RPs and rewards. They are safe. The only thing is that your ID should be the same as before and your ID is not banned by PUBG.

Get all RPs back in PUBG mobile India
Get all RPs back in PUBG mobile India

Difference between the old PUBG Mobile and the new PUBG Mobile India?

There is a big difference between the old PUBG mobile and the new PUBG mobile India. Tencent Games (a Chinese gaming company) previously partnered with the PUBG Corporation (Korean Gaming company). Now PUBG Corporation collaborated with Microsoft (US-based company) for Indian users. Microsoft Azure will host servers for PUBG Mobile India. This will enhance the data security of users.

In addition, changes can be seen in some costumes and locations. Like they can add some Indian traditional attire and Indian locations to attract more Indian users. Because India is a very big market for PUBG, they want to attract more users, and hence they can introduce more desi look.

What will happen to FAU-G now?

It should not be appropriate to compare FAU-G with PUBG Mobile. FAU-G is still a project and underdevelopment, while PUBG exists. FAU-G was announced just after PUBG was banned in India, but it was very clear that FAU-G would not actually be a clone of PUBG. Even Fau-G is not a royal battle game. Therefore, we should wait for FAUG until its release.

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