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1. Tungsten when added to steel __________ the critical temperature.
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2. Silicon when added to copper improves
3. The lower critical point for all steels is
4. Cast iron is manufactured in
5. The alloying element which increases residual magnetism and coercive magnetic force in steel for magnets is
6. The heat treatment process used for softening a hardened steel is
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7. The electric process of steel making is especially adopted to
8. The coke in the charge of blast furnace
9. The dieing down of a white flame during the operation of a bessemer converter indicates that the air is burning out silicon and manganese.
10. Nimonic contains __________ percentage of nickel as that of Inconel.
11. 18/8 stainless steel consists of
12. During the operation of a bessemer converter, the white flame indicates that the silicon and managenese had burnt and carbon has started oxidising.
13. The limestone in the charge of a blast furnace decomposes to give lime and carbon dioxide. The lime thus obtained
14. Vanadium when added to steel
15. Which one of the following sets of constituents is expected in equilibrium cooling of a hyper-eutectoid steel from austenitic state?
16. The fuel used in a blast furnace is
17. In the middle part of the blast furnace (zone of absorption), the temperature is
18. The temperature in the upper part of the blast furnace (zone of reduction) is __________ that of the middle part.
19. The temperature point at which the change starts on heating the steel is called
20. Which of the following is a case hardening process?
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MCQ 1 MCQ 2 MCQ 3 MCQ 4 >>

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