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1. Iron ores are found in the form of
2. The lower critical temperature
3. The hardness of steel will more if it contains
4. Ferrite and pearlite makes the steel soft and ductile
5. In full annealing, the hypo-eutectoid steel is heated from 30° C to 50° C above the upper critical temperature and then cooled
6. The material in which the atoms are arranged regularly in some directions but not in others, is called
7. Haematite iron ore contains iron about
8. Iron-carbon alloys containing 1.7 to 4.3% carbon are known as
9. The steel produced by bessemer or open hearth process is __________ to that produced by L-D process.
10. Crystal structure of a material is, generally, examined by
11. The addition of magnesium to cast iron increases its
12. The slow cooling of steel from the __________ results in a coarse grained structure.
13. Killed steels
14. Which one of the following sets of constituents is expected in equilibrium cooling of a hyper-eutectoid steel from austenitic state?
15. Brittle materials when subjected to tensile loads, snap off without giving any sensible elongation.
16. In a crystalline material, atoms are arranged in definite and orderly manner and form.
17. The austenitic stainless steel contains
18. The process used for relieving the internal stresses previously set up in the Metal and for increasing the machinability of steel, is
19. Steel containing upto 0.15% carbon, is known as
20. In a unit cell of a body centred cubic space lattice, there are __________ atoms.
Material Science Quiz 2
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MCQ 1 MCQ 2 MCQ 3 MCQ 4 >>

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  1. How Tempering is the answer for the question “The heat treatment process used for softening hardened steel is”?? Please explain.

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